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Most people who are upper caste or well off are usually good looking and well groomed due to family background, hereditary and genetic factors. Increasingly especially in the tech and internet sector, people are judged exclusively on the basis of their appearance, so if a person will be westernized, wearing jeans and t shirts, brahmin he or she will be considered to be an expert though she does not know anything, has no experience, and does no work .
On the other hand even if a person is an expert, experienced, honest, hardworking, not goodlooking/well groomed due to the lookism prevalent in the indian internet sector, powerful dishonest cruel officials will defame the expert as a fool, attack the person viciously to ruin the expert's health, falsely claiming that their lazy liar cheater mediocre inexperienced good looking/jeans clad girlfriend has the knowledge, experience, skills.
these spineless cowardly powerful officials in the indian internet sector will never have the honesty and courage to justify openly why their mediocre lazy liar cheater friedns are being promoted as the expert, given so many powers, and the real expert has been defamed viciously and cruelly attacked
While well connected people who have been well off for generations, brahmins, have the necessary contact and know the loopholes which can exploit to become rich and powerful overnight at the expense of a deserving person, people who have become well off in a single generation working hard do not know the dirty tricks which these well off "respectable" people officials adopt
For example, an experienced domain investor, engineer, webmaster, online exporter was viciously defamed, falsely accused without any proof by powerful officials who falsely claimed that they were very concerned about honesty and integrity. Even after more than 4.75 years of putting an innocent single woman under surveillance, these officials have not found any kind of proof to support their allegation. However, in the meanwhile these hypocrite officials have protected, promoted and rewarded every mediocre lazy liar greedy fraud who has cheated, exploited, harassed, defamed and stalked the innocent single woman engineer, with an important government job, falsely claiming that their accomplice, has the experience, qualification, investment, skills, work ethic of the woman they exploited.
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