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Most people think that only illiterate poor people and criminals are subjected to human rights abuses, what they do not know is that an honest hardworking harmless innocent engineer, domain investor will be subjected to the most terrible human rights abuses without a valid reason in the indian internet sector, if her powerful greedy dishonest cruel classmates and other officials hate her . These officials and classmates are extremely wealthy, have a posh house, get a salary, pension, yet they want a stake in the business of vulnerable single woman engineer, without spending any money or doing any work, and they abuse their powers, waste indian tax payer money to commit human rights abuses on the vulnerable woman to ruin her health, destroy her financially.
The most sophisticated and expensive non contact weapons in the country are used to track the harmless engineer, and cruelly attack her every time she will use her computer causing great pain, headache, memory loss, insomnia making it impossible to work during the day after she has invested a very large amount in the indian internet sector and cannot exit easily .
Memory reading should be carried out only on volunteers according to media repots, yet these inhuman cruel officials in the indian internet sector, will use the memory reading equipment on her repeatedly making it difficult to sleep at night, in a cheap attempt to create a digital replica of the expert. These cruel officials do not realize that they can only read her memory, not replicate her skills, work ethic, and should give up their cruel project
there are no national security issues involved in human rights abuses, just cruel inhuman officials wasting indian tax payer money to torture an innocent hardworking harmless woman who they hate and are not questioned or held accountable for the great waste of tax payer money for personal grudges and hatred of an innocent harmless woman.
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