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Denial of information
One of the characteristics of the indian internet sector has been the blatant discrimination and denial of information to domain investors, experienced webmasters and engineers, who are not well connected, brahmins, married, or have powerful friends/relatives. Despite making repeated requests, the domain investor will be intentionally denied information, lied to forcing her to make mistakes, waste time and money, cause mental stress. Thus denial of information has become a torture method perfected by some officials and companies in the indian internet sector.
These officials will readily provide the same information to their mediocre cheater inexperienced friends and relatives, allowing these friends and relatives to take advantage of opportunities, which they have systematically denied the hardworking honest experienced domain investor, webmaster and engineer. Thus nepotism has become very obvious, and being the pampered friend of these officials has many advantages. Brahmin cheater women and Young women who use the casting couch to seduce and sleep with powerful officials are at a very great advantage, as they have access to confidential information
These cunning dishonest officials will also steal all important correspondence of the engineer who they have denied information, wasting indian tax payer money to ensure that he or she does not get any help or information using other means, to cause financial losses and mental stress.
Like all their other evil activities, these powerful "respectable' cowardly officials will never have the courage or honesty to justify their dishonest discrimination of an innocent person in an open debate, hide behind computers and expensive government equipment to monitor the person who they have denied information, to ensure that she does not get any help.
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