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Photos of models resembling greedy lazy bangalore shivalli brahmin housewife nayanshree hathwar
Powerful officials in the indian internet sector allegedly falsely claimed that inexperienced greedy lazy bangalore shivalli brahmin housewife friend nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, half their age, was their engineering college classmate with twenty years experience to get her a very important government job at the expense of their real engineering college classmate who they hate. These shameless greedy fraud men who are infatuated with the good looking cunning nayanshree are also duping all companies who wish to contact their experienced engineering college classmate, that the lazy greedy cheater nayanshree who they are infatuated with, studied with them in engineering college, owns all the websites of their classmate, to get the cheater nayanshree hathwar great powers , when she does not spend a single paisa, or do any work
Hence photo of models very similar to the greedy lazy bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar, to ensure that her powerful friends stop claiming that all the websites belong to her, and get her more lucrative jobs, at the expense of the real webmaster. These officials are also subjecting the webmaster to many human rights abuses to cover up their fraud of promoting lazy greedy cheater nayanshree, hence her facial features should be known.
Ethnic wear website,
ICICI bank Diwali 2014 showed an image of nayanshree look alike and the extremely powerful official infatuated with her, who has given her fake references that she has an engineering degree and important government job for cheating, when she really has no engineering qualification
TV serial with Gujarati and kannada housewives
Reliance trends or other ethnic wear brand
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