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Most people study to get a professional degree, get a job or work hard for their adult life to save enough money for their old age, so that they do not have to beg and are financially independent. They do not know that the powerful government officials in the indian internet sector, can put them under surveillance for years without a valid reason, and then steal their retirement savings of twenty years. These officials can then shamelessly waste the hard earned money of a single woman engineer to reward everyone who will help them in defaming the innocent woman engineer whose money has been stolen, making false allegations without proof. Due to fake national security concerns the engineer whose money has been stolen cannot hold these officials accountable under RTI
The government official will get a salary, pension from the government every month, yet he can freely steal and waste the savings of an innocent woman without even asking the woman whose money he has been wasting and has been falsely accused, her side of the story. Officially any government official, even intelligence agencies, should get a court order to control the hard earned money of an innocent harmless civilian, and the official will have to justify why the civilian should not control his or her hard earned money,
However, in reality, in India, there are some government officials who can steal and waste the hard earned money of a harmless innocent civilian without giving the civilian the reason why her hard earned money has been stolen, faking concern for the civilian when they actually hate her and refuse to speak to her. There has been no debate so far, why these dishonest government officials, who get a salary and pension, can steal and waste the hard earned money of a harmless innocent civilian without having to justify the same.
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